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Ceilume Drop Ceiling Tiles - Amazing, ornate, antique tin ceiling tiles are extremely popular today and are used as wall décor, cosmetic accessories, supports for artwork and for home remodeling endeavors, of course. These elegant and capturing "collectibles" are back in vogue and keep to attract many buyers. Ceiling tins are available in original form or as just manufactured products made to mimic the appeal and elegance of the old looks.

First, let us start with a little background about tin ceiling tiles. Embossed or pressed tin ceilings were popular throughout the Victorian Era as a reasonable replacement for the plaster-designed ceilings found in rich European homes. Thin alloy sheets of copper tin or stainless steel were stamped with patterns that were complicated and sometimes painted white to resemble the more expensively produced, hand-carved or molded plaster ceilings. Collectors who handle lots of the detailed works of art learn how to distinguish the differences.

During the WW II Age, tin ceiling tiles went from favor as metals were conserved for the war effort, and other forms of ceilings were boosted. By the 1950s and 1960s, acoustic drop ceiling tiles and drywall mastered the marketplace and could possibly be found in homes, resorts, and buildings. Because original tin ceiling tiles have such pretty designs and craftsmanship, a lot of people want to collect these lovely classic pieces.

Searching the words classic ceiling tins will bring you to the section at which you will discover early tin ceiling tiles. Using the phrase classic ceiling tile typically, calls up an inventory of "classic style" or "reproduced" tiles. Prices vary according to the size, amount, and uniqueness of design.